The Council is responsible for:

The playground by the Bowling Club

The Tennis Courts by Medical Practice

Bowlling Green (leased to Llanfair Bowling Club)

Mount Field and recreation ground Mount Road *

Deri Woods High Street *

Goat Field

St Marys Churchyard 

Erw Ddwr Cemetary Watergate Street

War Memorial

Chapel of Rest Watergate Street

Public Toilets by the Institute

Telephone Boxes

Street furniture (finger posts, notice boards, benches etc)

Town Trail

Defibrillators around the Town

Council Office The Institute (Open most Friday afteroons for visitors)

Newsletters, website and facebook

Projects to help the Town be a great place to live

Community Awards


The Council also:

Responds to consultation on planning applications

Responds to Welsh Government and Powys County Council Consultation when relevent.

Supports the Llanfair Caereinion Library

Supports and runs events

Completes its statutory duties

Manages two Trusts and Trustee

Plans to administer a Business Forum (for 2022)

Adminsters the Youth Council 


Duties and powers of a Local Council

* Managed as Sole Trustee of a Charity